350 x 400 Aluminum Mold Base without Guide Bushing

$4,440.00 CAD

Flexcim Manufacturing Services Inc

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Our aluminum mold bases are a simple and effective solution for quick turnaround mold making. Made with Thick Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy, these molds allow for taller parts in an easy-to-machine material. Reduce your cycle time by switching to Aluminum as heat conduction is 10 times better than steel.

Produce molds faster and make more parts per shift!

Mold plates: Aluminum 7075

Sub Plates: Aluminum 6061

Locating Ring Included with mold, please contact us to specify sizing.

Proudly made and assembled in Canada.

350 x 400 Mold Base Drawing

Mold Base specifications: 

Item Specification
Height 350 mm
Width 250 mm
Space Between Spacer Blocks 176 mm
A-Plate Thickness 100 mm
B-Plate Thickness 100 mm
Overall Mold Height 318 mm
A and B-Plate Material 7075 Aluminum
Other Plates 6061 Aluminum
Weight 66.7 kg
Guide Pin Diameter 20 mm
Guide Pin Material Hardened Steel
Positive Return Pin Diameter 16 mm
Positive Return Pin Material Hardened Steel
Spring Rate 21.5 N/mm